One Meal At A Time...
Mozzarella & Tomato SaladIn the late 1960's Michael and Salvatore LoPorto immigrated to America from Sicily. The brothers were confident of what America could offer and what they could offer in return. Michael always loved to cook with his mother and moved on to study the culinary arts in the Untied States and around the world while Salvatore pursued his interest in general construction. In the early 1980’s the brothers combined their talents in the culinary and business field and opened LoPorto’s Restaurant on 4th Street in Troy.
The restaurant was an instant success. Although the brothers did not serve wine, liquor or beer, patrons readily accepted the establishment and brought their own. As the business grew, the restaurant flourished and the brothers expanded to catering and other locations like the Empire State Plaza to treat more guests to their authentic, original Italian cuisine.

In the 1990’s Salvatore's son Carmelo developed the same matriarchal interest in the culinary arts and became executive chef. Like his Uncle Michael, Carmelo’s training from his mom, and intuitive palate has garnered him numerous awards from chef competitions around the world.
Since the 80’s, the LoPorto family has served almost a million guests at their restaurants, private parties and events with over 10,000 in attendance. The family continues to pride itself on serving One Meal at A Time.